Helpful Advantage Of Always Being Portable

portable tool box

Funny how the world has evolved. In the really old days, as in thousands of years ago, productive people (they were productive because they had to be, they really had no choice, it was always touchwood where survival was concerned) were portable. There was absolutely no electricity and their only means of production were their sense of ingenuity and their handmade tools. And then this happened. Many, many years later (it was only really yesterday in today’s times), the first Industrial Revolution happened.

Electricity wasn’t discovered and put to use just yet, but productive men (only men back then) who had the advantages of heritage and wealth bought huge, giant-sized apparatuses to speed up their rates of production. Over a number of years, things became pretty bulky and inconvenient and clumsy to a great many people. And now, into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, things have come full circle.

Tools are a lot smaller again. Not only are they powered by electricity, there’s solar power and wind power too. Handheld tools are still being built, however. Nothing beats the convenience of a portable tool box for the seasonal artisan or journeyman who has been there and done that and seen it all happen right before their very own eyes. Sure enough, they have been able to adapt. They still have one huge advantage that keeps them in the employ.

No matter how far technologies have advanced, and no matter how many portable tools, with power, have been developed, their skills are still required. They acquired these and the knowledge that goes with it over a number of years. Things happen a lot faster than they did in the past but this kind of work, artisanal work in particular, simply cannot be rushed.