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A Better Ribbon Blender

You are probably accustomed to the typical ribbon and paddle blenders for industrial use. The ribbon blender is the most commonly used and effective of the industrial blenders and it is very common in many industries. There is, however, a lesser known type of blender that is faster and more efficient.

Beyond Ribbon Blending

It is still a ribbon blender, or at least it looks just like one from the outside. When you open it up, you see that it has more blades that are shorter and closer together than the long spanning ribbon blender blades. Essentially, it is still a type of ribbon blender but it is called a Fluidizer.

It is much more efficient. It is faster and it will mix materials at an incredible rate compared to the typical ribbon blender. Though it is more expensive, it mixes faster and will produce a fluid consistency rapidly. At the same time, its speeds can be controlled with certain features and tools.

State of the Art Speed


This particular type of industrial blender can be used for the same materials that the ribbon blender is used for. It actually functions much faster with state of the art speed. You may be wondering why it is not as widely used as the ribbon and paddle blenders.

In reality, it is not as widely used in America because it is not yet very well known. Given time, it will be, and it is something that will greatly speed up efficiency and production rates.

Moving Forward

As your company advances into the future, you will want to have the latest and greatest technology from all directions. Investing in this new type of faster blender is a wise move. It will help your company move forward to better blending now. Discover the possibilities and inquire right away.